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Up Lighting

Does your reception venue need a little something extra to bring it to life? Add uplighting around the room to create that “wow factor” that you’re looking for! Light the room to match the color scheme of your event. We can create almost any color in the spectrum and even alternate between colors.


Imagine guests entering your ballroom to see your initials displayed in bright light on the dance floor … or maybe your corporate logo shown on the wall at your next company event. Yep, we do that! And if that’s not enough, we can even animate your monogram!


The party decor is beautiful … so light it up! Pin spots give you light right where you want it: centerpieces, wedding cakes, artwork, etc. Pin spots highlight these elements, making them stand out in photographs and in person making sure no detail is left in the dark.

Intelligent Lights

You might not think so, but lighting is one of the most important elements of your event! Lighting can set the tone, focus the room, and in some cases, motivate your guests to dance. Our intelligent lights have 360° rotation allowing us to create complicated and colorful effects to keep your guests engaged.

Dance on the Clouds

Imagine sharing your first dance as husband and wife in the clouds!  Wow your guests and allow your photographer capture priceless photographs of this incredible effect. Create a memorable moment for your entire room with a walk on the clouds.

Video Screens

Do you have something you want to say or show to all your guests? Put it on screen! From TV’s to projectors, we have the technology and support gear you need to incorporate video into your next event.

Video Guestbook

Are you looking or a simple and affordable way to capture memories from your guest? We’ve got you covered! Our video guestbook’s easy-to-use interface will allow your guests to share comments and memories on video without the hassle of hiring more help.

Slide Shows

Are you looking to personalize your event? You could put together a photo album and hope people look through it … or you could let us set your photo and video memories to music and display during your event. We’ll even give you a copy of the slide show to keep after the event!

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